Tuesday, December 13, 2011

not quite ready

For Christmas. The tree is up and decorated. Thanks to Ron's folks, there are even gifts underneath... and a cat (just our regular cat though, not one from Ron's folks...).

But the rest? The cards are still in their box. I've been working on gifts, but not many are finished. They'll probably arrive late, in fact. Sorry, everyone. It is one of those years, for me, at least. One of those I'm just not going to get everything done on time, am I years.

Ah, well. It will get done. Not sure many will care if their gift is late. I must admit to a happiness in making them, so there's that. I know I should start earlier, but the ideas don't come earlier. I have to take them when they arrive, and go from there.

I've pulled out the Christmas music, and even looked up some old favorites on YouTube. School is done for the semester this week, and finals are tomorrow and the next day. Looking forward to the time off (so I can get things done!). Maybe, just maybe, even get some cookies made.


Fran said...

You know, sometimes the best Christmas gift you can give is to be kind to yourself. It sounds to me like this is the perfect year for it: be gentle with yourself, spoil yourself, do stuff for you instead of others. Not all the time but more often than you normally would. It's okay to say "I'm not up for that" and "I don't want to". Exercise that right this holiday season, my friend. You deserve it!

Dina said...

I let Raine & Ron put the decorations on the tree, and it felt kind of weird, but relinquishing some control like that is kind of doing what you are suggesting. Making things is, too - as long as I decide not to stress over how quick everything gets done - because making things makes me happy. And really, the scale is dialed back. Means a lot to know you are thinking of me, though, and sending good thoughts (and ideas).