Sunday, November 7, 2010

back to sunday sewing

Yes, I went to Roxanne's house, and we worked on some ongoing projects. She did the edging around a garment for me while I worked on the embroidery machine, putting paisleys around the bottom of a top for her. It is clear that we need more practice with the embroidery machine, and so this top is good for us to work on. The thread we have is perhaps not the best to use, it seems to fray easily and break. Well, some spools are worse than others about it. The thread was free to me, and I certainly don't mean to complain about it, as that is the perfect price for something that I'm basically practicing with. Not that being a "practice piece" will stop either of us from wearing the garment practiced on proudly.

My dress still needs button holes, and buttons, and some other handwork to be completely finished, and then it will appear as an entry in my Createlivity blog. That's for another day, though. Maybe near the end of this coming week, as I get Veteran's day off from school, and wouldn't making things be a wonderful way to spend the day...

Now that the time has changed, and Daylight savings time is gone for another year, it was dark, or nearly so, when I left Roxanne's. There was the edge of blue sky with the dark descending in the west. A mere fingernail moon hung in the fringe of the night, taking a little more time to set than the sun had. It was beautiful.

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