Wednesday, November 10, 2010

thank you, veterans

Tomorrow is Veteran's Day.There have been many years that I did not get Veteran's Day off in the past, but this year we do. Cruces schools do not, but Gadsden schools do. My plan for tomorrow is to spend some "me" time at Coas bookstore, and to finish up a sewing project, and I'm looking forward to both of those activities.

Still, I am aware of the veterans in my life. People who worked and sweated and got dirty and did the stuff that needed to get done to protect and serve the country I live in, love, and appreciate. Thank you to my grandfather Hess, who served (too young) in World Wars I and II. Thank you to my mom, and her brothers, who served during the Korean conflict. Thank you to my husband Ron, who served in Europe, and in Asia. Thank you to Charles Miller, one of my father's best friends, who served in WW II, and his son Trey, who was a proud Marine. Thank you to so many others, who I work with, talk to, am friends with, wish well to, who have served as well. Who live with the consequences of their service, both positive and negative, and tend not to make too much of either, for the most part.

There was a Veteran's Program, held at GHS today, put together by one of the teachers, with the participation of many of the school's organizations. Expectations might have been that it would be second class at best, in general Gadsden style. In truth, it was lovely, and moving, and if it was not perfect, it was heartfelt and respectful, and a good job for high school students, who are not professional at these things. The program was nice, the performers did their best, and the audience was appreciative. Good job, Panthers!

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