Thursday, November 11, 2010

family serendipity

Thursdays are our days to go to Carrillo's Cafe. Delicious Mexican food made by the very friendly owner at a reasonable price (our dinner comes out to under $10 per person, even including a generous tip). We enjoy our weekly visit to Carrillo's, and since we've been doing it for years, friends and family know that's where we'll be.

This evening Roxanne called to make sure we were going to be there, and said that she and her family were going to join us. We had a nice visit and meal, even though there were a couple of emotional outbursts from her almost 3 year old grandson. Nothing long or overblown, just typical almost-3-year-old stuff. About halfway through the meal, Roxanne's mom called, wondering if we were at Carrillo's, because they wanted to join us. We were happy - of course - for them to do just that. We even ordered for them, to cut out some of their wait time.

So, we ended up sitting in Carrillo's longer than usual, but we sure did have a nice time, and it was wonderful to spend some time with the extended family. I had to tease Roxanne's mom, for some family history. When I was growing up, HER mom would call our house, looking for her when she wouldn't answer her home phone. Sometimes, she was even at our house, when my folks would ask my dad's cousin over, but not her parents. Sometimes a few guests are enough, and the whole crowd isn't necessary. Not that my great-aunt knew that. So I teased her about calling to see whether her daughter was with us... even though she hadn't, but the serendipity was there.

I feel fortunate to live near these cousins, as I have for most of my life. In the absence of my parents, they serve as an anchor of family. Oh sure, I have other cousins, first cousins instead of first cousins once removed, and second cousins, etc, but I grew up around Roxanne, and her mom and her sister and brother. They are precious, too.

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