Monday, November 15, 2010

my holiday entry

A little early you say? The fact is, with these lists, you simply must plan ahead. So, I have.

This year, the school district I work for decided to combine our fall break with Thanksgiving. A part of it, at least. As a result, I have the entire week of Thanksgiving off. WOoo! Well, being the time planner that I am, I have decided what my "chore" for those days will be. You know, besides getting ready for Thanksgiving dinner, and sewing and playing too many hours of Civilization.

About a year and a half ago, I accomplished clearing off my kitchen table. Yeah, you can tell we don't use it all that much, or it wouldn't have stuff piled on it in the first place. It bugs me though. I would LIKE to be able to use it as a kitchen table, or play games on it or whatever. Instead it is piled with stuff. Right after I got the area cleared for general use, my step-mother passed away. The family items we got from her house came home with us, then. Many of them were just kind of piled, and not really packed away or anything. Many of them have been sitting on or around that table since then.

Now, I will say in my defense that what we got, besides marking the passing of my father's wife, stirred up the grief and loss of my father who had passed about a year and a half earlier. It also stirred up anger at them both because of how they both handled their estates, which was not, in either case, what had been explained that the plan was. Guess what. It does absolutely no good to be angry at a dead person. None at all. But those items set those feelings off and I haven't been ready to deal with them. I think I can now, at least enough to get them put away properly so that they aren't sitting on that table any more. Its just time to do it, and get past it, and move on.

So, that is what is on my to-do list for the week of Thanksgiving, you know, beyond the usual stuff.

Oh yeah, and anyone who watches Castle... did you enjoy the Firefly reference as much as I did? Yeah.

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