Monday, November 22, 2010


It was a lovely day, today, and I got several things done that I was wanting to get done. Of course there is still more to do tomorrow. There always is. I got a start on Dad's stuff. Tackled the box with the papers in it, and was able to throw away most of them. Found and kept some family tree info and a good number of photos. That done, the next bit will be easier. Might even hang some pictures tomorrow. That would get them "put away."

The cleaning and purging of stuff is a real process for me. On the one hand, I keep stuff. I like my stuff and i have a hard time letting go of it. On the other hand, I'm trying to make a conscious decision to live in the house we have, and keep the things that fit here, and get rid of the rest. In the long run, we will all be more comfortable using our space if it isn't jammed full of stored stuff. I'm talking myself into letting more of it go. I really am. I know it will feel good to have the dining area back. I'll like getting to use it for more than storage. Sorting and getting rid of stuff, though isn't always easy for me. It just isn't.

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