Monday, November 1, 2010

writing contest

My friend Fran is having a writing contest on her blog. At her blog? Anyway, the teaser, the prompt, went up yesterday. I've been cogitating on it, and I'll write something. Soon. But last night it was too late for me and my having to get up in the early morning self. Tonight it may be too... but I can feel some story starting to creep into my imagination.

She did a different contest, earlier, rather a mystery set-up. I had great fun filling a story into it. Thank you Fran, for giving those creative inclinations a boost. Like you, I find keeping a blog to be an exercise in writing, although mine is more... blathery... than yours. You really try to have a message, and I'm much more... well, I'm not sure casual is really the right word. Stream of conscious? Maybe?

Anyway, I look forward to entering the contest and participating in the fun. I also look forward to seeing what the other contestants have written. Oh yeah, it's fun to see who wins, too, but really, it's the journey, not the destination. Wait... I think that might fit in with my story... nobody copy me, ok? lol.

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