Saturday, November 6, 2010

ren fair 2010

It was a lovely day to visit our local Renaissance Fair. The sun was shining, and I should have taken a hat but did not. The weather is more fall-like and while it was warm, it was not melty hot. There were some beautiful arts and crafts there, and I could have spent hundreds of dollars there. I did not, but we did get some Christmas shopping done, and cards for some of the other booths, who also sell online, for later, when the available funds don't need to go towards Christmas gifts. There were many people there, as usual, but one of my favorites was missing.

There was no Society for Creative Anachronism encampment. They were marked on the map, but when we went to the spot, no one was there. Not a single banner or tent. Not even that. Sigh. There have been many years where I have been at the Ren Fair in the capacity of entertainer, SCA or not, and the years I did it as a member of the SCA were very memorable. But - as Stephen King says - things move on. The group of people I "played" with are no longer here, or no longer active. Off and on, I think about getting involved again, but the people I loved, the ones I would want to be there, still wouldn't be there. I know, I could make new friends, and I probably should. I could help again, and the shire I helped build years ago could - potentially - thrive again. I feel sad that it has all but disappeared. Like the people who were like part of my family at the time.

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Fran said...

It's like it's the end of an era. Like the Shire's really gone. I know it isn't, I know there are people still playing in Nahrun, but somehow that does leave a hole in my heart.