Thursday, November 4, 2010

no more

Well, I was seriously ready for some Project Runway this evening on the television. Only one problem, the finale was LAST WEEK. Yeah. I remember. Gretchen squeeked to a win. With panties. Yep, several pairs with several different outfits, including the pair she was wearing with the diaphanous skirt. Really? She had to wear a see through skirt, so we could all see that she was wearing those things, too? That's supposed to make them fashionable?

Oh well. I must admit that several of her pieces were very nice, and it wasn't all black or anything. Seriously, what IS it with black for everything?

I was rooting for Mondo, though. I LOVED, loved, loved how we worked with prints, and he matched the seams perfectly. MAN. I do not have that attention to detail. I probably should, but I just don't. Still, he didn't win the top prize. I wonder, though, how many calls he got later that night offering him a job.

So, I'm missing Project Runway. Sigh.

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