Friday, January 27, 2012

another friday

And I'm glad to see it. Glad to be in it. Raine's off to a sleep over, and we got the last minute stuff for her birthday party. Well, actually we got everything BUT the last minute stuff for the party. Heading for the park and expecting the kids to want to play, play, play. (Don't over think it, Mom, let them play!)

Ron and I got to spend a quiet evening watching The Two Towers. Extended version, thank you. I'm getting closer and closer to being done with that last scarf. Hoping to finish it this weekend. Also hoping to get my grading done. Not sure what the balance will turn out to be...

Next week, the online sewing class I signed up for starts. It is about sewing curves, and I'm kind of excited to "meet" some new sewing friends, and to learn some new techniques, and to make some cool stuff. With curves. I'll be posting the projects as I complete them. It should make some excellent blog fodder.

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