Saturday, January 21, 2012

my hair

Remember in the movie Oh Brother Where Art Thou? and every time Everett - played by George Clooney - would wake up, his first concern was for his hair. It still amuses me.

I'm not that vain, but lately, my hair has been giving me fits. It always does this time of year, when the heater make the already dry New Mexico air even drier. The static build up, and my hair tangles like crazy.

Some days when I get home from work, I have this mat of tangles in the back of my head, or at the nape of my neck. I wonder how long I've been walking around with it like that. Eww. Just this past week, I was combing my hair one morning and briefly wondered if it had felted itself over night.

Yep. Its time to start braiding it again.

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Fran said...

My hair's much shorter than yours (since I had a foot taken off last September) but I do understand it.

It's spendy -- VERY spendy -- but get some Moroccan oil. Do not get a substitute! Learned that the hard way. After you wash your hair, put a small dab on your palms and work it through, starting from the ends and working up. You can use it on the dry ends as well. I promise, it helps.