Saturday, January 28, 2012

birthday party in the park

 Where's a camera when you need one? Mine is usually at home, darn it! That's where it was today. We celebrated Raine's birthday today with a party at the park with a few of her friends. They seemed to have a blast, and it really wasn't even a lot of effort on our part.

Raine picked Star Wars for the theme, and we printed up 9 invitations. 10, actually, since she wrote one to Ana in Tucson, and we knew they wouldn't be able to make it. I'm glad she wanted to invite her, though. We ordered some pizza and took a few sodas and more bottled water, a pan of brownies and some vanilla ice cream (I even forgot to take candles - but it didn't matter).

When it was time to eat, the children - all eight of them, gathered around the table, helped themselves to pizza, which gotten eaten, even, and chatted and joked and even sang silly songs. Most of them even managed to throw their plates away when they were done! I know!

It was pretty effortless for the adults. The kids played so well together, it was really nice. They ran and squealed and chased each other and had lightsaber battles. Not one of them came and complained about another. No crying. No injuries. Heck they barely acknowledged our existence. All were sorry when it was time to leave. I mean, how much better does it get than leaving them wanting more?

This evening, Raine spent a little time exploring some of her presents. She put together a paper Darth Vader that came in one of the cards. It's cool. She tried out the puzzle ball maze (so did Ron & I). She fitted her Darth Vader Lego watch to her wrist. I know that she will spend time tomorrow with more of the gifts, appreciating them, and the thoughtfulness of her friends.



Fran said...

It sounds perfect!

Linda said...

Sounds like everyone had a great time.