Tuesday, January 10, 2012

oh, grow up

Ron had some surgery on his leg. He had to get a mole removed that tested positive for skin cancer. The doctor said that the cancer did not even go through all the tested layers of the sample, so we are pretty confident in positive results here. Of course he will be back to the dermatologist regularly. Right now, though, his leg is painful, as the mole was right where his leg bends for his knee. They took out a decent chunk, and then there are stitches to close everything up. Owie.

So, then why do I feel so put upon right now? Yeah, I took care of dinner, and dishes, and dessert, and taking out the trash for pickup tomorrow, and ran out for supplies (and gas) and and and... Yeah. It has been a long day. I'm tired. I know the responsible thing is to take care of these things, and that Ron can't today. I don't really mind each chore, and I know I'll like that each has been done instead of ignored. But, darn it! I'm tired! And I feel whiney! And I don't really appreciate it in myself. Another instance where I don't feel like the grown up that my age (and all those other indicators) say I am.

Why are there days when I wish I could get away with being "high maintenance?"

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Fran said...

Welcome to being human, Sweetie. Not all of us are domestic goddesses. I have a friend, Melynda, who is, and I adore her but I could no more live with her than I could fly.

There's no good time to have an injured spouse, and you have every right to feel rather put upon, but rest assured the day will come when the tables will be turned. Hang onto the thought that your time to be coddled will come!