Thursday, January 5, 2012

mildly ranty and ravey

Yeah. Couldn't work up a real rant, or a real rave. Yet.

I finished another scarf. Yay! That just leaves one to go. I tried to start it this evening. I found a pattern I like. The yarn is bought and pretty and soft and I so want to make it, but the skein of yarn was pulled out and re wrapped, and not in a good way. I'm having to wind it into a ball as I untangle it. Sigh. I almost had it cast on, too...

Not all was lost or frustrating, though. Tonight was the first episode of Project Runway Allstars! I've been waiting for it to start. Some of my favorite designers are there, like Mondo (man I wish I had his mad skillz) and I love to see what Austin Scarlett will be dramatic about. Anyway, it was a decent first episode, and interesting to see how these judges will view and comment on the designs. Not my favorite, yet, but I'll give it time to develop.

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