Tuesday, January 17, 2012

report card

School is sometimes a struggle for us. Raine doesn't have a hard time wanting to go spend time with her friends, but when it comes to a teacher - or anyone really - telling her what she should do at a specific time... well, she would rather be the boss of herself. She doesn't have a hard time learning, really, she just has a hard time being interested. And getting up in the morning.

Couple that with an emotional roller coaster of the past semester, with her father moving out, then working on moving back. At one point the teacher said she would sit under her desk, sometimes doing her work and sometimes not. With encouragement, and parents determined that homework would. get. done. she has made some progress.

How do I know? She brought home an awesome report card. A's in all her subjects. WOOT! Oh, sure there are still some problem areas. We know they exist, and we work on them. But she's done a great job.


Anonymous said...

so true

Anonymous said...

that is so true hang in there girl

Fran said...

Congratulations to Raine! To succeed even when you don't want to? That's the mark of a true heroine!

Linda said...

You've all gone through a lot this past year and I'm proud of you all. For Raine to have gotten the A's through this is amazing.