Sunday, January 15, 2012

progress on several fronts

A lovely three day weekend, and I've gotten several things on my to-do list crossed off all ready. More show significant advancement. Or at least work.

On the health front, I have been slothful and lazy lately, feeling overwhelming demands on my time. I've been bad and haven't exercised. I've been eating nominally better, but that won't make up for the lack of movement, I know. Today I hopped... um... climbed on the stationary bike and did 10 minutes. Not a lot, I know, but 10 more than I did yesterday. So that's somewhere, and you gotta start somewhere. Goal for tomorrow? 15.
snowflake mug rugs

On the crafting front, I finished up the snowflake mug rugs. Finally! Yay! Now to get the boxes packed and shipped. Oh, yeah, still working on that last scarf, and really liking how it is turning out! Pretty and soft and I really hope the recipient will like it (oh, come on, I'm hoping she loves it).
barely getting started - it's grown since this

Took Raine and her friend to the pool. They get exercise and I get to get grading done. Actually, I still needed to set up my gradebook for the semester. Got it done, and a good start on the grading, so I'm happy with that. This semester seems to be a ready or not here it comes one, and for some reason, I just can't get caught up. A little closer now, though.
into the water
Looking forward to one more day of weekend, and sewing with Roxanne!

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