Tuesday, January 3, 2012

missing, not missing

Over the course of events during the past few months, one of the things that has changed is that Carl moved out of our house. He moved in with Roxanne and Harold, who invited him - practically begged him - to move in with them. He's helping over there with meals, and from everything they are all saying, things are going well. I'm not surprised.

Carl changed his crossing to a school that is closer to where he's living now. I drove through the crossing at Raine's school, where he used to work, and had to wave at the new crossing guard, instead. Carl will be moving on to a new job soon, though. Full time with benefits and everything! Yay!

Things are going well for him, I think, and I'm glad for it. I miss him, though. Oh, sure, he's not gone away for ever, never to be seen again. He's across town, in a home I usually visit about once a week. He's a phone call away. A text. An e-mail. But not in the next room. So, I miss him.

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Fran said...

It's understandable that you miss him, Sweetie.