Monday, January 16, 2012

some done, others not

I know everyone is dying to know if I rode that bike again today. Well, I did. and I made 15 minutes on it, and that 15 wasn't as difficult as the 10 yesterday. Think I'll do 15 for a few more days, and then move up to 20 next weekend - not as far off as it could be.I'll do better with my time when I can do better with my kindle. I'm trying to think of some sort of sling to put it on the bike's "dashboard" (which doesn't work anyway any more) so I don't have to hold it while I read/ride. hmmmmm.

I started the second skein of yarn on the scarf I'm working on. The first skein got much further than I thought it was going to, but since I want it to be a hood type of thing, I will probably use three skeins at least. The knitting is going pretty quickly at this point, so that's something. Maybe I can mail it in time for her birthday.

No sewing with Roxanne this weekend. She is feeling out of sorts with a sinus infection. No fun. Carl was hoping we would be able to hem some pants for him to start his new job with (he starts tomorrow!). It didn't work out, but he's able to hem them himself if it comes to that. I offered to do them if he wanted to drop them off after work, since I think he'll actually be working somewhat near here.

Soon it will be Raine's birthday, so we talked about what kind of party she wanted and all that. Star Wars seems to be the theme this year. Light sabers and Jedi Knights rule the day. I hope the weather is nice, as it so often is here, even in winter, so we can have a party in the park with running and playing and lots of energy worked off. Oh yeah, and ice cream.

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Fran said...

Congratulations on the bike! And a Star Wars birthday sounds like a great plan!