Wednesday, November 5, 2008

been a day

Stayed late to work with my group on the class I'm taking. Although the class is rather lame, discussing the idea with this group has really brought me some insights into best practices which I've really liked. The class is a TESOL class, which involves strategies for teaching students who don't speak English as their first language. The class materials themselves are not earthshattering, and indeed are in many ways disappointing. Still, the class was paid for by the district ( who are having problems paying a bunch of their bills - as I mentioned before, what a mess) and I have enjoyed the learning I've done, even if it wasn't necessarily the learning they intended.

The aforementioned budget shortfall has me rethinking my job choices. I mean, how happy can I be with a district which will give me a 2% raise, and then - not only will I probably have to give back at least half of that, I may loose even more. The contracts will be broken, it is just a question of how. So, how can you work for a district, company, whatever that breaks trust with you? hmmm. and, yes, I consider breaking my contract to be breaking my trust. I'm not worried about them changing my assignment, I'm pretty much figuring that is going to happen. I'm OK with that, but taking some of my pay???

Then there are all the programs that the district has been trying to develop (including but not limited to the one I've been working on, a tier 2 intervention, that the state is asking schools to implement). There are many programs that we just aren't going to have the money to pay for now. I think THAT is really what is going to hurt the district for a long time. We aren't meeting AYP, and are on an improvement plan from the state. Almost all of the high schools in the state are, I think. This budget shortfall is not helping us improve ANYTHING. Class sizes are going to increase, pay is going to go down - at least for this year - despite having contracts. People are going to not be replaced if they retire, and others may be shifted from one school to another, even in the middle of the year.

It really doesn't sound good to me, on more levels than just complaining about my personal finances. I think it is going to be more disasterous than even that. Not what I want to contemplate, really, but I can't hardly help but speculate. I just won't do any more right now. Bed I can handle...


Fran said...

That just sounds scary, especially in an economy that sucks and in a part of the country that is traditionally financially challenged.

But if you left, what would you do? You're such a good teacher, it would be a shame, but you have a family, and they have to come before an administration that breaks faith.

Vic said...

I understand the being unhappy with your employer expecially with the pay issue, I have been there many times.

My best suggestion would be to keep putting feelers out in other districts in the area and hopefully something will bite. Until then ride the storm.