Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Christmas shopping, that is. We are in "the season" of shopping, if not actually Christmas. Do you do that whole shop after Thanksgiving thing? I don't. While I enjoy shopping - and don't even have to be ready to buy to enjoy it, and I love a good sale, I don't enjoy crowds. I may not be phobic, yet, but if I subjected myself to those mobs of people and their bad tempers and erratic driving... well, I could get there. I surely could.

I have done some Christmas shopping, and I will do more, although when I was out last weekend, I could sure tell that the crowds were growing. Hobby Lobby was a mad house. Shopping online is nice, no one reaching around you, or zooming around you to stop dead in front of you. sigh. Still, I am enough of a tactile person that I like to feel the heft of things. I like to admire their true colors, and see what size they REALLY are. So, the in-person thing is pretty desirable. I suppose one day the technology will pretty much take care of that, too. I might even live to see it. cool.

Anyway, there are presents to buy and wrap. Boxes to pack and ship. Cards to address. A tree to set up and trim. I enjoy those things. I really do, although I must admit, however much I enjoy the trimming of Christmas, and the gift giving, I appreciate the made gifts, the ones that you care about, much more than the ones we buy for someone just to have something to put under the tree. It truly is the thought that counts, not the cost.

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