Monday, November 17, 2008

do you watch?

We don't watch much TV, really. Oh, we sit in the room, but unless it is kid's programming ( I think I've seen every episode of spongebob ever made. At least twice), we generally are viewing something from our wall of Dvd's. We watch Heroes, Ghost Hunters, and Dr Who (OK, that would be ME) and the food network. We used to watch Lost. The first season was great! Finding out about the characters and their intertwined stories was great fun. But then... there were "the others" and, well, waayyy to much of a few characters, and not enough of others.

The first season of Heroes was interesting as well, and they made finding out about the characters very entertaining. Then, when we knew about them, the second season came along. It just wasn't as good as the first. Then, with the writer's strike, and the short season, and other things, well, we almost didn't watch the end of that second season, but we did. Now, well into the third season, I'm liking each episode a little more, the intrigue is back. There are some new characters, and some changes/evolution of some of the established ones. I still enjoy Hiro, and his innocent enthusiasm. If you liked the first season, but lost interest in the second, try the show again, this season. And with TiVo, or the like, you can zip through the commercials like crazy.


Fran said...

I did give up on Heroes partway through season two. I decided they were being artsy for its own sake, and I got bored.

So now I watch House and Bones, and I've developed a fascination wtih NCIS, but it's not an ongoing passion.

Dina said...

Try it again... its better now. Maybe not ALL better, but better.