Wednesday, November 19, 2008

for all who

Ok, I just got pointed to a BBC Archive by Wil Wheaton, in his blog. It archives the development of the series Dr. Who. How cool and geeky is that? Don't you just love the series Dr Who? I do. Ever since the days that it was pretty standard weekend fare on PBS. The cheap special effects, the sets and costumes that demanded you use your imagination, and the brilliant writing for the series are all memorable. OK, maybe every moment isn't brilliant, maybe some of the plots and the monsters are kind of hokey. But they are hokey in a good way. In a "this hero means well" kind of way. In a "man, you really are a nerdy geek" kind of way.

I really enjoy David Tennent as Dr Who in the most recent incarnation. He's quirky, and I think he captures the essence of some of the best Dr's through the 40 years off and on of the series. I have enjoyed his companions, especially Donna, and - as I have written - was disappointed in her "release."

I know most people think of Tom Baker when they think of Dr Who. I enjoyed him and his big toothy grin emensly, but I have to admit a fondness for Peter Davison's version as well. I liked him even more when he played Mr Campion, of the Margery Alligham series. I wish I could find that on DVD. And now, the 2000's version of the Dr is OK by me, as well. That blue police call box calls to me, that's for sure.

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