Saturday, November 8, 2008

for a saturday

It was a nice day today. The weather here is finally turning cooler, but the leaves are still in the trees, and still mostly green, even. One night soon, we will have a freeze, and they will all turn crunchy and fall out in one day. Most of the leaves will still be green at that time. Welcome to southern NM. Still, it was sunny and beautiful out, and Ron got a lot done on his storage shed project. I got our cookbooks out of a box and onto a shelf. I went to lunch with my cousin and we had a delicious lunch and a nice, long conversation about everything and nothing. It was great. I even went shopping at Walmart, which I try to avoid because its usually such a zoo. It was a zoo, today, too. Still I looked through the Halloween leftovers, and bought Raine a couple of things at 75% off and some long pants for school. I also found an inexpensive shelving unit for the craft room to put up all the magazines and craft books that I have been getting out of the boxes. I looked for cardboard magazine holders, but no luck on those. I'm hoping staples (or some other office supply store) will have some.

Raine got to go play with her friend, and his mom had gotten them both these very fun hoodie jackets of robots and ninjas. They had a blast playing robots all afternoon! They are very cool, and warm, all at the same time, lol.

I'm rather looking forward to more of the same kind of day tomorrow, actually. Getting all those mundane chores done that always need doing. Maybe a little WoW, or a little crafting, maybe read my book, if my new glasses will let me. Thinking I might hear that my friend Cara might have her baby soon, even.

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Fran said...

I know Cara's being poked all different ways by elbows and knees, so it should probably be soon.

But what a wonderful day! It sounds fabulous, honestly. Quietly pleasant with a sense of accomplishment. Those can sometimes be the best.