Thursday, November 6, 2008


OK, I couldn't stand it any more. I still haven't found the pattern I'm looking for, but I found one for a smaller dragon. I was going to wait for the yarn until I found the pattern, but I couldn't wait any more!

This evening after dinner, Raine and I headed to Hobby Lobby and looked at the yarn. We bought a few skiens. Nothing major, but Raine got to pick a color for her dragon. I thought she would go straight for the red, maybe even go for a flame effect. Nope, she went for blue. A nice royal blue. Then we walked down the aisle some more, took a bathroom break, and returned once more to the yarn display. "You should buy some red, Mama," she advised me. "For what?" "For my OTHER dragon." Hmmmm only one dragon, I told her. But you can change your mind and have red instead of blue if you want. She thought about it and ultimately picked the red, which was very pretty, "because it isn't pink." Then we looked up and down the aisles of Christams decorations, which were pricey even at half price. We practiced looking with our eyes and not our fingers. We had a great trip to Hobby Lobby.

So, why did I break when I did? Well, a friend who also plays with yarn wants to get together (hopefully tomorrow) and craft some together after work. She works where I do, and there may even be some other teachers wanting to join us. I'm really looking forward to it, even though so often Friday after school is a head home sort of time. Well, we are not planning to do it at school, so that will feel relaxing mentally and physically. We can enjoy the crafting, the changing weather and the start of the weekend all at once.


Fran said...

Just ONE dragon? *sigh*


Enjoy the crafting, and have a lovely weekend!

Dina said...

I actually have at least 2 others in mind. I REALLY REALLY REALLY want to find that pattern. AND I thought of a design for battish wings for them, if it turns out like I picture it. They had a very nice silver-grey yarn at Hobby Lobby, if you know anyone who might be thinking of a specific mist or fog dragon... hmmmm?

Fran said...

Mist dragon? Fog dragon? Hmmm, gee. . .I'll have to give it some thought. . .:-)

But if you're looking for a book about dragons on the Oregon coast, pick up "Destiny Kills" by Keri Arthur.

Vic said...

I am finally catching back up on everyone blogs.

Maybe you will run into it now that you have stopped looking for a little bit.

Raine loves her reds. I agree with her, it's not pink all the better.