Friday, November 21, 2008

feeling like a fogey

You know, one of those old fogeys. You young whippersnappers.

See, they repaved Solano, one of the north/south arteries here in town (for anyone who doesn't know their way around Las Cruces), and now that they did that, they repainted the lane lines, in a new configuration from Lohman south to Univeristy. Now, instead of two lanes of traffic each direction, there is only one, with a middle turn lane, and small bike lanes on each side of the road. Hmmmm I'm not sure I like it. Not sure at all.

And yet... I think the turn lane will be a wonder on that street. The bike lanes too. But, the lines for the traffic lights have been kinda long. It may be a way to encourage traffic through other routes, like El Paseo, which could actually stand a bit more these days. It may be so forward thinking that I just can't imagine Las Cruces being in that place, thinking that enough more people will be riding bikes that we will need more lanes for them in the future. NAH, that thought can't be there.

Anyway, it seems like a backward step, mostly, to me. So, I'm wondering if it is so backward that it is forward, and I'm just not there yet. And this from a woman who navigates around town by the stuff that USED to be there. As in, "You know, where Dairy Queen used to be..." (and that was about 3-5 businesses ago.)

Oh yeah, and not to forget... Happy Anniversary, Ron. Eight great years!

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Fran said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! Oh well done, both of you!

And it disturbs me how much Las Cruces keeps changing. I know it has to, and I understand, but when we come back to visit, we don't want to feel completely like tourists. In our hearts, it's still "home". *sigh*