Sunday, November 9, 2008

for a sunday

Well, lets see. Today was a nice day for a Sunday, just as yesterday was for a Saturday. We had our weekly chores to accomplish, which we did, plus a little maintenance on the house, patching grout in the new shower, which Ron did today and I will seal tomorrow. We probably need to seal it more often, but we were paying attention, and didn't let things get bad. We are still learning, as this is the "new" shower and the "new" tile work that we remodeled with. We have a certain amount of forgiveness with wetness issues here in NM, because it is so dry here, that you never have to worry about it doing anything but drying up.

Ron and I got to play WoW, and made it to level 25 this weekend. That was Ron's goal. At level 30 we can get mounts, but the levels will start going more slowly now, as it takes more and more experience points to advance. Ive been working on some of the character development skills in the game, like cooking and fishing and leatherworking. They are an amusing way to pass the time in the game, but only somewhat connected to the level of your character.

We played DragonQuest last night, with Ron being the DM. I have to say that I am enjoying this world, and this character, even though the character started out very young, with limited skills. Sometimes the weaknesses of a character are really what make it fun in the long run. We all tend to roll badly, so we laugh at ourselves, and each other about it. In a way, since everyone does it, it doesn't make anyone feel particularly bad to roll so poorly so often. Then, too, we all cheer when anyone gets a critically good roll, especially if it is just at the right moment. Ahh the luck of the dice.

Tomorrow, I'll have to get Raine up and off to school, but I won't have to go myself. I'm hoping to get the new shelves up in the craft room, and start putting craft books, magazines and patterns on them. Not only have I seen actual wall in there, but (gasp) worktop surface. Uh, huh, its coming along. Slowly, but along. I'm thinking of copying my friend Cheryl, who has all kinds of pretty stuff hung in the window of her kitchen by shower curtain hooks on a rod. I have all sorts of crystals, some stained glass and other cheery stuff that would find a good home in the windows of the craft room. I'll let you know how it goes... unless I get distracted...

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