Sunday, November 2, 2008

typical sunday

Today, pretty much, was a typical Sunday for me. We did loads and loads of laundry. The weekly shopping trip to Sam's. We managed not to eat out. Carl made sweet and sour chicken. From scratch. Even the sauce. Yes, even the sauce. I know because I helped with that part. Ron worked some on the shed he's been trying to put together. I almost emptied out a box of crochet magazines and books. I had to wipe the dust (and other stuff, but we won't think too much about that, la la la) off of them with clorox wipies.

In other words, I did some stuff, not working too hard at any time, but progress got made. That is kind of my favorite way to do household chores, kinda slow and steady, moving a bit from one thing to the next and then back again. Take a little time out to play a game on the computer for a bit, then back to the chores. Raine watched TV until she was watched out, then she put her shoes on and went out to play for a little while. I wonder about her and playing outside. We had no problem going outside to play, but then there were three of us, and we had each other to play with. She's an only and I wonder if that is part of her thing about not wanting to play outside. Maybe we whined and complained more than I remember...

I well, I got up too early, and I'm going to try to get to bed a little early to make my Monday just a little nicer. Hope you all have a good week! Vote on Tuesday!

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