Wednesday, November 12, 2008

two things

First, I made this little dragon. He's kind of fuzzy in the picture, I think I was too close with the camera. He's only about 6 inches long, so he really is pretty small. The pattern worked out pretty well, and I was able to put him together in a couple of hours. Still, I'm looking for the pattern for a much bigger dragon (or dinosaur), and still no luck uncovering it. Raine liked this little dragon, and he went in her backpack for a trip to school this morning. He even came out of the backpack at home this afternoon for some play time. She also managed to take him to bed with her - yes, that's her spider blanket in the background there.

Second, I was still thinking about I am Legend today, and (now you will understand why I have a BA in English, and teach it in high school) I was thinking about the nature of the story. It is really a rather ironic tale because in becoming "legend" (a story that is told for a long time) the character really lost his story. The legend of the man is being told by a person who knew him for only a matter of hours, and didn't even take with her the recordings he made of his research (another story). His personal story, much of which was only told in flashbacks (his dreams of his memories of what happened to begin the disaster, and what happened to his family) was lost with him. So, in becoming history, his story was lost. Believe me, I know I'm over thinking the whole movie, but it is thinking and wondering about stories, and pulling them apart a little that makes them so interesting to me. I have not read the book this movie was based on, and if you had asked me yesterday, I would probably say that I wouldn't go out of my way for it. At this point, however, it is much more of interest to me. I would like to see if that is part of the original story, or "just happened" in the movie. I would also like to know if the "reporter" (the girl who takes the blood/serum to the survivors) knows more of his story, is more familiar with him in the book than she is in the movie.

Everyone geeked out enough for the evening? me too... good night.

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Fran said...

First of all, I love what I can see of the dragon! Congratulations!

Secondly, I was partway through your discussion of "I am Legend" when I said, "She needs to read the story," and then there you go, you said you need to. Richard Matheson is a supremely disturbing author, and I think you'll enjoy his writing. Remember, neither movie actually captures the nuances you can get with writing, and Matheson is excellent. It's been years since I read it, but I remember being nervous after dark for a very long time.