Sunday, November 30, 2008

uncovering the past

I wrote a couple of days ago about some albums that will be out for the grappler on Tuesday morning. They had been my parents'. I've also written about unpacking boxes that are stored in the craft room, trying to find that dragon pattern. Well, not all of those boxes were packed by me. Some of them were packed... well, years ago, when my dad's house was being cleaned out and gotten ready for renting. At least that's when I think they were packed. I uncovered some of my mom's sewing stuff, and - more interestingly - some of her papers. Some of the papers are clearly trash, like the various configurations of the Amiga she eventually bought. Yup, that old. I threw them away, because they were trash, and I had no qualms doing it, but it was still almost like my mom saying "hi" to me through the years. Just mundane stuff. Nothing earthshattering or important, but familiar handwriting, and bits and pieces of the past.

I suppose many people experience that kind of thing, going through old stuff. Boxes that were stored too long ago. Unlike the albums, there was no bittersweet too bad I can't keep this. I threw trash away, like it should have been before it ever got into a box. My dad just couldn't face doing it himself. It was just a reminder that though she is gone, my mom is still around. As if I didn't know that when I have to try to out-stubborn my daughter.

We also found some great pictures. Its time to start digitizing them and labeling them for the next generation. Personal history in pictures. Hope that I can still find out who some of those people were...

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