Thursday, November 20, 2008

kids & colds

Face it, when you have kids, they are going to be snotty, phlegmy messes at times. The weather is turning colder. Slowly. With many warm hours still. But colder. The wide range of temperatures, the farming chemicals (to harvest the cotton and soon, the pecans) and dust and smoke etc in the air don't help much. They all combine to make it the start of cold/flu season. We have all been succumbing to it, bit by bit, sneeze by sneeze. None of us totally under the weather, but affected, just the same.

Yesterday morning, when I woke Raine up, she had a crusty, bloodshot eye. The dreaded pink eye. Well hers isn't the bacterial, ultra-contagious kind, but the viral, my cold moved up there too kind. Contagious as a cold virus, which is also contagious, but not like the other. Anyway, I couldn't take her to school, they wouldn't have kept her. I checked her temperature (normal) and called the Dr. for an appointment just in case. Meanwhile, she is not moping around, having to stay home. She is playing and laughing, etc. Well, a little bit manic, actually, which tells me she may not really be feeling all that good, but she doesn't really know it.

Today, Ron stayed home with her again, her voice had gotten more hoarse over night, and her cough sounded worse. Plus, while at the doctor, she had gotten her flu shot. OK. Ron wasn't feeling all that great either. Remember how I said we were all fighting the cold? Well, when I got home today, it was to news of throwing up. With a cold? She wasn't coughing that much. From the flu shot? I dunno. Still, it has been my good luck that when it comes to Raine throwing up, it is generally Ron that is right there.

So another day home for Raine, just to make sure the episode does not repeat. I don't think it will, but I go for the safe side. We'll trade off again, and it will be my day home tomorrow. I think today of all the things i could get done while at home, and I'll feel lucky at the end of the day to have gotten any of them done. What I mainly hope, though, is that Raine will feel better.

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Fran said...

Ty used to get sick every Christmas. Throwing up in bed was his forte'.

Kids sick are the pits, and I hope that Raine skips through this one quickly and easily, and that it passes the rest of you right by.