Sunday, August 29, 2010

boundries and guidlines

Raine started the 2nd grade this year. She's tested the boundaries of what is expected of her this week. On Wednesday, she disappeared for over an hour with no one knowing where she was. She had taken off on her scooter to play with some friends. Not her usual friends, but some further away. She didn't follow our standard protocols, like telling someone she was going, and taking her phone, etc.

We were all lucky that she was fine, and was playing with her friends. But there is always that worry, isn't there. We didn't kill her, but she did spend some time in her room. And without the computer games that she enjoys. And the TV shows she watches...

We also got a report from her teacher. She wasn't paying attention when the teacher asked her to do something. She wasn't behaving. She wasn't getting her work done. Testing the teacher, and seeing if her boundaries were going to be the same as before. She's been doing the same sort of thing at home. We had a couple of talks about those things through the end of the week, and the weekend.

The golden rule for kids, sort of goes like this... You act the way you want to be treated. If you want adults to listen to you, then you listen to them. If you want to be treated nicely (and get treats), then you act in a way that deserves it. It takes practice, but she might as well understand the behavior/treatment balance. And she is a tester. Oh, man.

And of course, I'm still her proud mama.

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