Monday, August 2, 2010

first day

Am I going to sing - or at least type - the blues? Nah.

My cold seems to be on the way out, YAY! I got a lot done in my classroom. (Now if it just wasn't so bloody HOT in my room.) And my beginning of school tomorrow dream was barely stress-like at all.

I dreamed that I had an all-boys class. The school seemed to be at my parent's house, and evidently the boys were sleeping over. (I didn't way it wasn't weird.) Someone was observing me, and the boys did their assignment and the observer's response was that I should be grading their work NOW. hmmm, OK. It didn't feel like any big deal to me, so, I started to do just that.

What kind of stress dream is that? The boys did their work AND were behaving! I was where I should have been (you know, in that dream kind of way...) and I was even fully clothed. Heck, I wasn't even looking for a functioning bathroom.

Oh, I still have stuff to do in my classroom, but evidently, I'm ready!

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