Wednesday, August 25, 2010

proud mama

I am one. I totally admit it. My child is pretty much the cutest, smartest, most talented, most creative (not to mention stubborn...) kid on the planet. I'll tell you about it at pretty much any time, and I probably have. At length. (and if I'm not careful, ad nauseum...)

Today she got in trouble for taking off and going to a friend's house without telling anyone where she was going, or any of the other procedures and safety protocols that we use around here. So, Carl and Ron roamed the neighborhood and finally found her and brought her home.

She's in trouble, but it also made me think of how she's grown. They can't stay little for ever, and they won't stay small either, but that is how we remember them, isn't it... our babies.

This is one of my favorite pictures of Raine as a toddler. On of those that you look at, and it just does your heart good. She was maybe 14 months old when this was taken.

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Fran said...

And she'll always be that young in your heart. I can still picture Ty napping on my tummy.

But they grow, oh how they grow. And they test boundaries and they make mistakes. I mean, Raine knew where she was and that she was fine so. . .what's the problem? Heh. And thank all the powers that be that she has no clue what the problems really could be. I mean, she intellectually knows, but doesn't viscerally understand, and that's a good thing.

But it makes for some heart-stopping moments along the way!