Sunday, August 15, 2010

pants day

What, you thought because it was Sunday, this would be sewing day??? Well, it was. I did go to Roxanne's, and we did sew. Guess what we sewed today? Right in one: pants. We both needed some, and so we cut them out. I started serging on the first pair while Roxanne cut out the second, and by the time I was done, Roxanne's mom was there to help cut out, and man did we go to town. We got 7 pair cut out, 4 pair serged, and one pair completely finished. There was also a nightgown in the mix, which was almost finished when I left. I have two pair of pants that just need hems and casing/elastic to be ready to wear. I also have a pair that is cut out, waiting to be sewn. Not bad in the space of about 4 hours. And when you add in all the visiting we got in, bam! it's magic.


A good way to finish up a weekend.

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