Sunday, August 1, 2010

tomorrow's the day

Yep, summer's over. The holiday, not the season, of course. That will go on - at least here in the sunny southwest - for another couple of months.

I have mixed feelings about going back to work this year. I really like working with kids, and I love the process of planning and creating lessons. I enjoy learning, myself, and I like that I can be involved in that process. I think I have the right job for me, and yes, I tried others. I have things that I'm excited to do this year, too. I've been working on some of them for a while, processing the ideas, and I'm happy to try them out. I learned a lot last year, which is so often true in those "difficult" years. There is definitely a sense of anticipation for meeting new students, and the new beginning. What a cool thing, to get a new beginning.

Still, this summer was pretty great. You know, one of those moments you don't want to end. It wasn't just one moment, either, though. And really, I'm just not quite done! I still have stuff I want to do during this summer. What? I always overplan my time? Well, yeah, there is that. Still, it has been a good summer, and restful and restorative, which I really needed.

That means, on many levels, I'm really ready for school to start. If only I didn't have to get up so darned early. Yeah.

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