Monday, August 30, 2010

a day for it

Is it still only Monday? Really? I thought I saw some Wednesday in here? Tuesday at least? NO?

School started off with Picture Day! and we kept our advisory class for the morning, then, after pictures were all taken, went on with nearly our regular schedule. I'm very glad that I have seniors, and that none of us feel the need to be militant about the scheduled programing. I run through it with them, and we discuss for a bit, and then... They are a pretty good group, and I don't think I need to treat them like freshmen.

What is it about a morning like that that makes the afternoon seem LONG???

Got home in time to help Carl with dinner, and it was yummy chicken in butter sauce. Even packed some for lunch. And did the dishes. Usually Sunday is my day for catching up on kitchen chores, but this past weekend, it seemed like we were stuck at 3 cups and a spoon. It goes from that to there is a counter under there. Somewhere. And it changes in the space of walking out and back in, sometimes, it seems.

The weather of summer has finally broken, some, it seems. Temperatures have been in the 80's instead of the 90's for about a week now. Pleasant enough to walk the neighborhood this evening, so Raine and I hit the sidewalk. We saw a spider building a web, with its cast-off skin hanging in the web as well. I met one of my neighbors, and we ended up discovering that her husband had worked at White Sands with my dad. I seem to be well on my way to making my walking goal this week, and I feel pretty good about that.

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