Thursday, August 5, 2010

wooo! project runway season 8

I caught the first two episodes... or maybe it was just the 90 minute premier. I missed the first few minutes. The first challenge was rather interesting, where each designer got an article of clothing from one of the other designer's suitcases (I don't know how it was picked or anything - that was what I missed) as their inspiration and they had only 5 hours to create their piece USING that item. hmmmmm.... interesting. This is one challenge that even I could tell which ones were the terrible ones. Mostly. OK, so I didn't know the pants were made from... pants. I got why they didn't like them.

Oooohhhhh.... (and here is why I watch that show) I just had an excellent inspiration of what could have been done with them that would have been innovative.

Anyway, the second challenge was to create a billboard look for Marie Claire magazine, and the winner - actually the same designer won both challenges - designed a pantsuit. The second place did a really nice red dress. All the other designers expected the red dress to win, but I think one of the reasons it did not, even though it was a really good dress, is that the other WASN'T a dress.

I would so love to have the experience of doing the challenges like they do on Project Runway. I would so lose, if I were a contestant. I just don't have - and frankly I'm not that interested in - the style sensibility that the "fashion forward" fashionistas want. I understand many of their design comments, and some of the taste issues, but I'm under no illusions at all that they would find most of what I made rather pedestrian. SOMETIMES, though sometimes, I think I come up with an idea that just. might. play.

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