Monday, August 9, 2010

philosophy vs politics

This evening I got a phone call from a woman from some Right to Life organization or the other. My response to her? I am not interested in listening. Click.

I understand the need to be active politically. I understand the responsibility, as well. I realize that political decisions made with or without my help can affect people I care about, so I do try to vote my conscience and my personal philosophy. I do not, however, enjoy politics.

I got to thinking, though, that while I do not want to discuss many of these issues with some political fanatic, who is not going to change my mind any more than I am going to change theirs, I would discuss them as a matter of personal philosophy. I have pretty liberal politics, but my personal philosophies tend (at least as I see it) to be fairly conservative. I lean a lot towards tolerance and the Golden Rule, and I would like others to treat me pretty well.

With the advent of mass media, people don't discuss these philosophies as much, and develop their own views through the discussions. They get brow-beaten by endlessly repeated commercials and other media. Brainwashed into thoughtless masses who vote some party line then don't understand when they - or their children - can't get medical care, or some other benefit.

Perhaps, the advent of the world wide web will, in some measure, facilitate that thoughtful discussion between curious and philosophical individuals, no matter how distant from one another they may be. Or maybe I'll just get overwhelmed by spam telling me how those kids these days don't even say the pledge any more...


Fran said...

From your fingers to the internet's "ears"! I've always maintained there isn't anything we can't discuss, but the corollary is that you've got to be willing to listen.

Dina said...

Listen to someone's philosophy? Yes. Well, within reason, meaning I don't want them to lecture. The discussion must go both ways. Just don't recite dogma and expect me to do more than nod for a bit and then leave. You know what I mean!

I have really gained knowledge and insight from many of your posts, Fran, about same-sex marriage issues, and similar topics, by the way, so I depend on the political watch of some of my friends to help me in my own responsibilities.