Tuesday, August 24, 2010

you know i need to

Yeah, I talked to the wellness nurse on the phone this evening. I admit it. I was hedging my responses. The weight would be coming off - at least slowly - if I were doing things right, but I've hit a plateau, and it's not a pretty one. All sorts of denial and holes where willpower should be. Crud.

The bottom line is, I need to get off my butt and move. Walk, swim, whatever. More than I do now. Enough to use up some of the caloric intake. It won't take much to be more than I do now. It would make me feel better, I know it would. Somewhere in the back of my pea brain, I know it. But it's hot, and I'm emotionally drained and unmotivated when I get home. Not to mention tired of being hot and sweaty from a day in my hot and sweaty classroom.

No magic pill exists. I won't do the surgeries. You have to change your lifestyle with the surgery. I'd just as soon change my lifestyle (if only I could be more consistent with it) and do without the surgery, thank you. Least invasive for me, thank you. So, where is my free life coach? Oh, that's right, it was me! I'm doing a lousy job.

Time to set some goals, and work on meeting them. Look up some info, and get my facts straight, instead of making some up (or keeping the ones I've already made up). Time to work on getting real again. Time to work on being healthier. Easier to talk the talk than walk the walk, though. Much easier. Goal number 1: Walk for 30 minutes 4 times in the next week (Wed. to Wed.) I'll be back on Tuesday and report, and set another goal.

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