Tuesday, August 31, 2010

what to tuesday

Last night, after a lovely evening walk around the neighborhood, and putting Raine to bed, and a relaxing shower in the walk-in shower that I still love that we included in our remodel, and saying good bye to the day, it rained. Not a gentle, end of summer, pit-pat on the roof. It RAINED. Lightening and thunder. Wind gusting sheets of rain. I lay in bed with my eyes closed, listening. It wasn't the soft sleep inducing white-noise lulling me to sleep as I listened. It wasn't frightening either. It was awesome. I enjoyed listening to the movement. The life of the storm, as if it were breathing the wind into the rain. This morning, there was still a lot of water in the air. When I went outside at 7:30, there was even the smallest hint of fog. This is really not the time of year for fog, but, there it was.

Today, however, was humid all day long. and warm. and did I mention humid? Wait. Was that lightening I just saw out the window?

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Fran said...

You have no idea how much we miss thunderstorms. When we were there last year, we loved watching the lightning through the window.

Up here it rains. A lot. But we rarely see lightning and a single clap of thunder is a rarity.

I know it was humid and muggy, but oh, do enjoy those storms for us!