Saturday, September 25, 2010

at the top of the pile

Ron and I went to Hobby Lobby yesterday. We picked up a few things and as we were walking through the fabric department, I noticed a bolt that looked familiar. I had bought some of that fabric... and cut out a top... and and ????

So this morning I looked for it. Hmmmm not in my closet, so evidently not finished. Not in the current basket of things to sew up. Well, what about this basket of stuff that needs black thread? Sure enough, there it was, with Raine's new dinosaur pajamas, and her brocade top that I needed to sew up before she out grows it... which could be any day now.

Even though I want to finish the top for me, and I really want to get to wear it, Raine's top jumped to the top of the pile. Once I got going one it, it came together quickly and nicely, although the brocade is a little slippery. I was very pleased with the effect of the small line of zig-zag that I learned on the tunic, used as an edging on this top. Now all it lacks are closings - we picked a round, metallic filigree button that I will close with loops of thread or cording, and the edging on the bottom hemline. You know, instead of the safety pin that is holding the front closed in the photo, here. Now Raine has a nice shirt she can wear to those occasions when she needs to dress up a little.

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Fran said...

That's just GORGEOUS! She's such a knockout, and when you get her into dress-up clothes. . .well, Ron had better have a shotgun ready when she gets to high school. Just sayin'. (And I'm feeling a bit old -- she looks so grown up there!)

And with the way you're creating fabulous clothes, you could almost start your own designer label. Geez you're talented!