Friday, September 17, 2010

weekend. love it.

So, the weekend made it, finally. Tonight is the homecoming game and dance for Gadsden High School, where I teach. Yesterday should have been our bonfire (bombfire is what the kids often write it as) and carnival, but they got postponed due to inclement weather. The weather people said no chance of rain yesterday, so it clouded up and went at it, at least down in the valley. It started to pour just as I was walking out to my car, and then rained on me off and on all the way home. I even pulled into my driveway to a few sprinkles, and the wind kicking up as if to bring the rest of the rain to me. But, no. That was all we got, those few drops as I pulled in. Some places got an inch and a half. I got 3 drops. I knew I should have started the sprinkler!

Anyway, the kids were squirrelly today, which is always a joy. Then, the drive through town on my way home was like beating my head against a wall. I think I hit every light red, all the way through town. As soon as a slower-than-me driver in front of me would turn off, (or I would) the next car in front of me would be worse (and it isn't like I'm a speed demon! the slow car is usually ME!). Including the fellow who had to have a conversation with the motorcyclist in the next lane. Sigh. The evening has been calm and collected, and much better than that, although I did - of course - bring my magic bag of papers that need grading home with me for the weekend.

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