Monday, September 27, 2010

what's left of the pile

So I seem to be getting a lot of mileage out of this past weekend's sewing projects. While I didn't actually sew on this shirt this past weekend, it is mostly done, needing only the collar to be attached, the hem and the buttons and button holes. Thinking of the shirt is what got me looking for it though, and running across those other needing-to-be-finished projects, though.

First of all, I love this fabric. It has depth and visual texture to the print that I really like. I usually go for colors more than black and white (I'm a disaster in white, and can't reasonably expect more than one wearing without stains, and black is too.... trendy or something). Anyway, as you can see this fabric has layers to it. It also feels good. It has body, yet it is soft. Since it is cotton, it will also breathe well.

I'm making a button down long shirt, with a collar and short sleeves. I'm hoping it will work both as a button up blouse, and a short sleeved jacket for versatility. It is more fitted than my usual shirt, but Roxanne and I are trying to practice some more tailored items. This upcoming weekend will be a long one for me, so even with time out to visit the fair, I'm hoping I'll have it finished to wear next week.

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