Saturday, September 18, 2010

halloween costume

It is coming along. Or at least it was. was getting ready to work on the long sleeves. I decided to do detachable long sleeves, so the costume doesn't have to be so hot. Then, I also want to be able to attach wings to the arms via the long sleeves. Versatility is my key, here. I wanted Raine to try on what I have so far. Maybe even get a picture. But, no. She was too busy doing something else.

Well, alrighty then. Tomorrow, I hope that I can actually get out to Roxanne's and get some sewing done there. I packed some thread colors that I think will be pertinent. I think there is some cutting out that needs to be done. Hope I can get to that tomorrow, too. I'm usually in charge of the serger work, and that can go pretty quickly. I'm so loving that serger machine. Here's hoping I can remember to take my camera, too. I couple of the found fabric projects that we are currently working on are for Roxanne, and nearly done. Maybe I can get her to model at least one of them for me.

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