Saturday, September 11, 2010

not much news

Kind of a slow, peaceful day, with a lot of grading done. I have more to do, of course, and it doesn't make for exciting conversation, for the most part. Still, it's what I do.

The role playing game went a little better. Well, maybe not for me, so much. I almost died, but got better. Sometimes when I get to that point when I know I'm going down, it makes me feel bad. Tonight, though, I played it as my character would have, and I put up a darn good fight, and because they were hitting me, they weren't hitting the others. So much. So, I went down, but we made it back to town, where I got healed up.

The game is Dragon Quest, and I'm playing a very strong halfling, who drags a two handed sword around, and she can use it, too. What's more, she mostly enjoys using it. She's easily distracted by anything that smells like bacon, or coin. Pretty much in that order. Her name is Toodles, and she's been a lot of fun to play.

So, I look forward to tomorrow, when I get to sew with Roxanne, and I'll take - and then share - a picture of the tunic that we finally got finished, and then I'll pack it to ship to Ron's mom.

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Fran said...

Go Toodles! May the Bacon be with you!