Wednesday, September 15, 2010

voices in my head

We got a new stove. A gas one with a fifth burner on the range top that is elongated and a griddle fits over it. Oh, no, you think. We won't use that much. HA! I think that is what we have used MOST so far. Grilled cheese sandwiches were the first things we cooked. Since then, french toast, cheese, smashed sandwiches, crispy cheese tortillas, more grilled cheese, and more cheese, fried to crispiness.

So this evening, after opening a jar of hamburger dill pickle chips, the griddle started calling out to me... grilled pickles. You know you want some. Add cheese (oh yeah, that's what everything says to me). So, I fired up the griddle and made little pile of cheese and spread a few pickles through it. Then I waited for it to get crispy enough to turn over. MMmmmmm.

But I swear I heard this voice in my head while they were bubbling on the griddle. It was Lillian, with that amused look on her face. She chuckled and shook her head as she said, "Dru, you're bad." I know. Want some Lillian?


Fran said...

Actually she didn't say you were being bad. She said you were being mean! It all sounds nummy, although we do have some questions about the pickles.

Dina said...

LOL!What question do you have about the pickles? They were Albertson's generic hamburger dill chips (the round slices). I do like me some cooked pickles now and then. They are also good cooked in with hamburger meat, if you are pan frying patties. I think something like fried cheese - with or without pickles - is a matter of taste and experimentation.