Sunday, September 19, 2010

more sewing

I posted in my Createlivity blog some of my finished sewing this week. I've also been working on Raine's Halloween costume. I have finished - or nearly finished - a few of the pieces, but there is more to do. Here is how it looked before I went to Roxanne's today.

My key for this costume is versatility. I am making some pretty simple parts so that she can put them together, all or some, and create the creature she wants to be, whether it is a reptile, a dinosaur or even a dragon or wyvern.

When it is finished, there will be detachable long sleeves (it gets HOT here, even in October) that will cover part of her hands, so if she has on gloves, the gloved fingers will look like claws. There will also be wings to attach to the sleeves, if she feels like flying. I'm also working on a hood (with horns). Facepaint will probably complete the look on Halloween.

The pants and vest are a snakeskin like dark green, almost black, pleather. The shirt underneath is cotton with dark, irregular dots to add some texture. I also have another green cotton print to help line the hood (pleather) and help make the wings. The sleeves will be pleather as well, with a lining near her hand, in case she wants to turn them up a little.

I'm hoping that she will enjoy adding these pieces to her costume box to play with all year long. If she likes the way it turns out, I also have plans for gold/red pieces.

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Fran said...

That's just amazing! You rock!