Tuesday, September 7, 2010

step back september

Here we are on the 7th of September. One week into this month, heading into fall and the holidays, and all that stuff. When I look at the calendar, I can hardly look at this week... it all goes to next week, and then next month and then...

It seems like September will be over before it has begun.

So, we get into the season of birthdays. First Carl's, then Ron's. The series of holidays sparked off by Halloween. I've already started Raine's costume(s). Then the Christmas gift sewing. It just is amazing how the momentum seems to build.

So, here September, before you disappear into October, I am taking a moment to acknowledge you. To notice the (ever so slight) cooling that you bring. To hope that the weeks will not just disappear as they seem ready to do, but linger long enough to get some work done.

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