Tuesday, September 14, 2010

inspiration in the shower

One of my daily joys is taking a shower. I save it for the end of the day, to be able to go to bed nice and clean, and wash off all the grime and worries of the day. I was watching some of Season 2 of True Blood, and without giving too much away, Lafayette gets home after a couple of weeks in the basement under Fangtasia, much the worse for wear. He climbs into a chair, wraps up in an afghan and goes to sleep. I would have so showered first! Doesn't matter how tired I am, I wouldn't want to wake up and still be that filthy.

Anyway... yeah, so I enjoy a nice shower, and clearing your body might also give you time and space to clear your head, and let yourself have an inspiration, like I did tonight. I've been looking for something creative to blog about regularly, and thanks to Project Runway, and their challenges - which I love - and the Dress a Day blog (which is brilliant as well), I've come up with one that I think suits me well. The Found Fabric Challenge: Make something useful for someone from fabric that has been given to me. Finding the fabric is not going to be the problem, believe me. I know where there is bags and totes of the stuff that _I_ did not buy, but I also did not want to go to waste. Truthfully, it fits me so well as a challenge, that I've already taken it on, without really realizing it. Right at this moment, I'm wearing a night shirt that I made this summer from fabric that my mom left me. I also talked several times about all the clothes that Roxanne and I made for the little boys in the family... yep, found fabric for that, too... jeans with the crotch ripped out, cut off ends of pants, t-shirts and pj's from knits that were in the same stack that my sleep shirt came from. We still have some of those pockets from the sides of Carl's old pants that we need to sew strapping on for some simple backpacks.

We also have some found fabric projects in the works, right now. I can't take pictures of the fabric or the patterns before we start, but I'll be sure to post some "after" shots. Here's me, doing a little happy dance!

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