Monday, September 13, 2010

who needs a friday?

Was this Monday.... the 13th? Yes, yes, I believe it was.

I know most people decry as unlucky those hapless Friday the 13th's, but really, folks, Mondays are just so much worse to begin with, aren't they? I know you agree with me. Don't pretend you don't. So, yeah the 13th. My day started so well, that at the end of it, parents were called. The two I actually spoke to didn't speak much English, and I speak even less Spanish. (I can understand more than I can speak) So, yeah. fun.

On the brighter side, Carl made a roast for dinner, with little potatoes and carrots. My favorite way to cook carrots. We got a new gas stove, and now we've broken in the oven. It has a griddle in the middle of the stovetop that is great for doing lots of things. I'm sure one day we'll wonder how we ever did without it.

While the thunderstorm in the middle of the night woke me up, the rain did not. The thunder was awesome, but I thought the rain was going to pass us by. It did not, and it must have been quite a bit of rain, because there was standing water everywhere this morning. Thought we might get a little more this afternoon, but it was just teasing.

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